Why plan?

Regardless of your net worth, an estate plan ensures that your hard earned assets go to the people you chose, when you chose and in the most efficient manner.  You love your family and we help protect them.

If you are a parent with young children, you are concerned about protecting your children if something happens to you –or worse yet to you and your spouse. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a plan in place in case something unexpected happens.

If you are in the “Sandwich Generation” you are worried not only about your growing– or almost independent– children, but also about your aging parents. You want to make sure that you have a plan in place to protect your children, and you also wish to verify that you have the tools to help your parents as they get older.

If your children are grown and independent –or soon will be, you are starting to think more about retirement and want to ensure that you have a plan to transfer your assets in the most cost effective and efficient manner. You also want to be certain that you are protected in case you become incapacitated.

If you are a retiree you are worried about whether all of your affairs are in order, your ducks in a row so to speak. That means a plan for your assets, your health, your incapacity, and your passing. You want the peace of mind you get when you have everything in place for whatever  may be down the road.

 Everyone needs an estate plan.  That may mean a simple will, a revocable trust based plan, or something much more complicated.  It also may simply mean making sure that all of your assets are titled in such a way that they will pass directly to your heirs even without a will.

With the cost of long-term care increasing at a record pace, many people are worried that they will lose most or all of their hard earned assets.  We can tell you about the pro’s and con’s of the various scenarios to protect your assets and explain the look-back period and spend-down options.

If you want to leave money or property to a loved one with a disability, but you don’t want to jeopardize eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits, you need to set up a “special needs trust” in your will or revocable living trust. Leaving money outside such a trust could have disastrous results.

Disputes often arise in the administration of a probate estate or trust, especially if there is a lot of money involved, or if there is a history of family conflict. Whether you believe someone has exercised undue influence over your loved one to get them to change their will, or you are defending such a claim, you need an attorney with both litigation and probate experience.

A Different Approach

Our approach to estate planning is different from other law firms in several ways.  To begin with, when we sit down for the first time, we will have reviewed your completed  Estate Planning Questionnaire Personal Information so we will have a good idea about your family and financial situation, your assets, and what you consider most important to protect in your estate plan.  Together, we will clarify your concerns and goals and talk about who you want in the key roles in your estate plan.  At the end of the first meeting,  we will suggest an appropriate plan based on your goals and budget and we will tell you exactly what that will cost.

When we work on estate plans,  we toss the timeclock out the window and work on a fixed fee basis.  That means you don’t have to worry about getting a $60 bill for a 12 minute phone call if you have a question or a change to your plan.  And if you want to make a minor change in your plan in the year following the signing, we will take care of that at no cost to you.


Will you put this off until tomorrow? None of us has a crystal ball. Healthy as you may be, safe as you think you are, bad things can happen.  My goal is not to provide you with an estate plan, it is to provide you with peace of mind.  The peace of mind that comes from knowing that if something unexpected happens, you have a plan in place to deal with it.   You’ve waited long enough.  Get started today. 

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