Probate Litigation

A probate lawyer with extensive litigation experience

Disputes often arise in the administration of a probate estate or trust, especially if there is a lot of money involved, or if there is a history of family conflict. Whether you believe someone has exercised undue influence over your loved one to get them to change their will, or you are defending such a claim, you need an attorney with both litigation and probate experience.

Over the years, I have handled (and prevailed in) many contested probate matters, including will contests. With over 100 trials in Connecticut Superior Courts throughout the state I am as comfortable in the courtroom as I am in the conference room.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition, I have extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) such as mediation and arbitration.  While I am prepared to resolve a matter in court, I know most cases are better addressed outside of the formal court process.

As a trained and experienced mediator, I am often called upon to help parties resolve their dispute.

Partial List of ADR Training:

  • Completed a 40-hour mediation program sponsored by the University of Connecticut’s Labor Education Center and Quinnipiac University Center on Dispute Resolution.
  • Completed a 40 hour divorce mediation training program run by Divorce Mediation Training Associates.
  • EEOC Employment Mediation Training.
  • AAA Arbitration Survival Training.
  • Mediating Workplace Disputes, CUNY Dispute Resolution Consortium.
  • Master Class, “Mediating the Conflict in the Room”
  • ADR Center Arbitration Training Seminar.

Trial Experience

I have prosecuted and defended cases where disgruntled relatives (and in one case two disappointed charities) have sought to throw out wills based on undue influence and lack of capacity, defended a caregiver who was named to exclusion of other relatives, petitioned for the appointment of a conservator, represented a child suing a parent for stealing money in a Uniform Gift to Minor’s account, helped a daughter establish her claim to her father’s estate when she was not included in the probate filing, among many other cases.
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