Estate Planning

Ducks In a Row?

Covid-19 Update I understand the last few days and weeks have probably caused you some anxiety not just about the volatile financial markets, but also – maybe primarily- about your health and the health of those you love and care about. I’m an estate planning lawyer and I know having your “ducks in a row” can …

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Don’t forget this critical part of your estate plan.

Have you coordinated your payable-on-death accounts with your estate plan? Payable-on-death (POD) or Transfer-on-death (TOD) accounts provide a quick, simple and inexpensive way to transfer assets outside of probate. They can be used for bank accounts, certificates of deposit or even brokerage accounts. Setting one up is as easy as providing the bank with a …

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Choose wisely grasshopper

Choosing the right executor — sometimes known as a “personal representative” — is critical to the smooth administration of an estate. Yet many people treat this decision as an afterthought. Given an executor’s many responsibilities and complex tasks, it pays to put some thought into the selection. Job description An executor’s duties may include: Collecting, …

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